What We Do

Communications and Media Strategies

Our firm has a track record of success in communication, media assistance and message development strategies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi, Ghana, Albania, Sri Lanka, the United States and elsewhere. We are seasoned in designing and implementing results driven multi-faceted media and communications strategies and programs in conflict and post-conflict settings and developed and emerging markets for governments, political candidates and parties, public and private businesses, development agencies, foundations and non-governmental organizations.

Film and Television

Our multi-national film team is comprised of cutting edge, award-winning professionals with global experience in short and feature films, documentaries and television. We travel the globe writing, directing, filming and producing short films, documentaries and television commercials in numerous languages for presidents, prime ministers, public and private businesses, global foundations, international corporations and brands, non-governmental organizations, world-renowned musicians and others.

Below is a small sample of our work.

International Investment

Our firm partners individuals, businesses, international investors and others with opportunities in all sectors in the developing world. We identify investment opportunities, develop tailored risk-management and business development strategies and forge results-driven working relationships with foreign government leaders, agencies and institutions.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

After more than 40 years of dictatorship followed by five years of civil war, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), one of the world's most natural resource rich countries, held free and transparent elections in October 2006, electing Joseph Kabila president. 

Our firm's founder, Joel Frushone, was chosen by Joseph Kabila to serve as his media and communications advisor for his successful bid for the presidency. Joel remains committed to helping public and private enterprises succeeded in the DRC.

Doing business in the DRC and other developing countries is challenging. The rewards, however, far out weigh the risks. We specialize in helping our clients navigate the complexities of bureaucracy, policy, and culture, and mitigate potential risk and resolve challenges to fulfill needs in the DRC and throughout the developing world.